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Rohith A, Rohith M, Kirankumar D, Subburaj S, M.Saranya


More number of vehicles get problems these days due to engine faults, breakdown, Tyre problems. etc. In that situation people suffer a lot. If it is a well- known city or a place, they can find a mechanic or a workshop, but in new places and environment they don’t know where to go and find mechanic. Then the user had to go in search of mechanic without any support and Knowledge. Considering these kind of vehicle problems an android app is the easy solution to handle this problem correctly because everyone has an android phone, they can easily go through a user-friendly interface to find help. So, this android app helps the user to find the nearby live available mechanics on his Surroundings and can call the mechanic so the user can call them for support and get their live location. This android application helps the people to connect with the mechanic within the nearest surroundings. This application contains two users which are Mechanic and vehicle user. Its acts as a bridge between user and a mechanic. whenever a problem is occurred in the vehicle, user can find the nearest mechanic at his surroundings.

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