Optimal Route Selection for Mobile Ad-hoc Networks based on Cluster Head Selection and Energy Efficient Multicast Routing Protocol

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Dr. N. Sivapriya, Dr. R. Mohandas


A mobile ad-hoc network is a self-organizing, fundamental structure-less, autonomous wireless mobile node that exists in the absence of any specified base station or federal organisation. MANET necessitates no unique infrastructure as the network is completely dynamic. Multicasting is the exigent issue in communication networks. In MANET, multicast is one of the competent approaches. In multicasting, data packets from one node are transmitted to a set of receiver nodes at a time, simultaneously. Multicasting reduces transmission costs. Cluster head selection is one of the challenges in MANET.  Optimal Route Selection (ORS) is a proposed research paper that provides cluster head selection and alternate cluster head selection to avoid cluster head failure, as well as generation of the optimal path between the cluster head and member node based on reliability pair factor and node energy, and establishment of the path based on maximum energy and number of hops between the nodes. (minimum number of hops).

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