Comprehensive Trust Based Service Selection Model in Federated Cloud

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Dr. A. Mary Odilya Teena, Dr. A. Isabella Amali, Mrs. I.Roseline Jecintha


Service selection is a challenging task in federated cloud because the exponential growth of service providers.Also it provides extended similar services by more than one service providers. Each provider has varying level of quality, experience of service and responsiveness. Most of the existing approaches are based on the calculation of weights of the attributes, behaviors and operations. Objective:The proposed TSS model integrates the Weightand Optimal Gray Correlation Analysis (OGCA). Recommendation Trust (RT), Direct Trust (DT)  and Reputation, when combined at an early stage, generate a complete trust that leads to precise overall trust. Methods:For the direct trust services, Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP)&a crude set theory simulation method is used. Findings:A revolutionary dynamic trust upgrading technique has been devised to assure the correctness of direct trust.Novelty:The experiments can be analyzed and compare the result with existing methods.

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