The Special Free Zone as a Tool for Industrial Localization (Hamadaniya District - Case Study)

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Rand Mohammed Hassan M. Mubarak, M. Dr. Adel Hassan Jassim


 Today, countries are seeking in various ways to achieve their development orientations and to address the growing urban problems in regions, especially in The developing regions and countries of the world, however, lack the economic capabilities and financing that would enable them to implement their development plans and strategies. Therefore, Attention focused on the important of attracting foreign and local investments to participate in the development process and investing that money in particular to develop production fields and industry to improve the level of exports and raise the level of the national economy. Free zones, in their various forms, constitute one of the most important and capable areas In the process of attracting investment and settling foreign capital in the local environment through the incentives it offers to investors. So the focus will be on research On the possibility of establishing a free zone based on the partnership system with the investor in the district of Hamdaniya , Nineveh governorate, and focusing on the type of free zone Specific to the agricultural industry and what it can achieve from the region in terms of returns and advantages, and to clarify the obstacles it faces, with reference to some experiences Countries in the regional region with regard to the experience of establishing special free zones. The research reached to clarify the most important requirements necessary for the establishment of the region The percentage of what is achieved in the specified location and the results that can be obtained from the establishment of this zone, whether it is for the state or the investor.                 

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