A New Approach for Maintaining Data Security using Cryptography in a Hybrid Cloud Environment

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Dr. Nisha Jebaseli, A. Fairose Banu


A smart and intelligent cloud system virtually provides computing resources to enhance the user computing requirement. Computing resources are provided to the user based on their demand. A hybrid cloud is most effective for using and maintaining user data in the cloud deployment. However, no matter what kind of cloud technology the user adopts, it is open to security vulnerability. It’s tedious to keep security in the hybrid cloud environment. Maintaining the user’s data with a proper security mechanism, this paper proposes a new approach to maintaining data security in the hybrid cloud. The proposed approach uses cryptography techniques to secure the user’s data in a hybrid cloud. The solid purpose of proposing this approach is to protect users’ data in a public and private cloud using different encryption techniques. The proposed data security model provides users and suppliers with many benefits concerning the security of the data. Three encryption techniques are proposed and provided as Symmetric Encryption as a service from the cloud. Three techniques are measured for their efficiency by implementing the proposal as a cloud-based application hosted in the cloud. The proposed techniques are measured for performance and security strength. The results show that the proposed encryption techniques are more efficient for a hybrid cloud environment to secure data.

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