A Novel Way for an Image Encrypt and Decrypt Using Parallel Computing

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V J Chakravarthy, R. Vijayakumari


Since the advent of data communication over networks, it has become imperative to ensure security of information. Cryptography is a technique that is being employed. . In our previous paper[15] we made a concept on text oriented parallel signcryption (Cryptography). In this paper, it is shown how to adapt certain matrix transformation to create a novel asymmetric block encryption scheme. The proposed scheme is especially useful for encryption of large amounts of data, like digital images. First, a pair of keys is given by using matrix transformation; second, the image is encrypted using private key in its transformation domain; finally the receiver uses the public key to decrypt the encrypted messages. This scheme satisfies the characters of convenient realization, less computation complexity and good security. As a step towards the systematic application of public key cryptography, this article proposes an extension to the JCA framework to integrate threshold cryptography. Under this extension, various TC providers implementing different TC primitives can be plugged into a security application at run-time. This extension also makes it easy for an existing JCA-aware application to be migrated to use threshold cryptography. An example provider of threshold ECC is implemented under this framework extension. It is our belief that such an extension would help speed up the adoption of threshold cryptography.

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