Some ways to Improve Self-Research Capacity for University Students Today

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Nguyen Tan Danh


In today's modern society, we need to create many encouraging conditions for students to have a passion for learning and research and to help students have the opportunity to access new research information in the library to the world. To contribute to the formation of students' self-study and self-research capacity, the school gradually builds an academic environment, creating conditions for students in the school to participate in scientific research activities. This is a prestigious academic playground, through which the school continues to discover and foster creative ideas and solutions, contribute to solving practical problems and serve the community. The results show that, through scientific research competitions, students have the opportunity to accumulate experience, learn scientific thinking methods, solve problems, write scientific reports, work in groups as well as submit presentations. presenting scientific results and ideas. From the knowledge and research results gained, young people who are passionate about scientific research will have the opportunity to develop and further expand their topics, thereby applying them into practice for their future work.

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