Automation For Feed Motion of Flat Grinding Machine Improve Accuracy and Productivity Machine

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Nguyen Thi Ngoc Huyen, Le Duc Bao, Nguyen Duc Toan


In the manufacturing industry, the suface for high quality and gloss are often processed by semi – finishing and finishing on the grinding machine after roughing or heat treatment. To improve machining accuracy, to increase labour productivity and product quality, it depends very much on the opertiong status and accuracy  of the machine. Therefore, the article has introduced the solution for automation feed motion on a flat grinding machine base on mechanical system of machine, that can automatically control the machining process and integrated of programming to process gringding details with complex frofiles, improve the accuracy of the machine. The research results are carried out on the active real flat grinding products, high quality surface grinding, reducing pocessing time and improving effect opertating of the machine

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