Survey of Energy-Efficient Routing Protocol for Managing Data Quality in Wireless Body Area Networks

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Hiba A. Tarish, Alaa Q. Raheema, Mostafa Musa Jaber


In wireless body area networks, wearable devices are used to make the medical data transmission process help avoid emergencies. The gathered medical data need to be transmitted in a quality manner because it consists of several critical and emergency information. The data transmission is influenced by several intermediated attackers, which damages the data quality and causes security issues. So, this paper analyses the different author's works, opinions, and frameworks to get the knowledge for effective data transmission process in body area networks. The optimised data transmission process checks several quality factors like transmission time, energy, and path. According to these factors, several discussions are performed to reduce the delay, maintain network quality, and maintain network lifetime. The advantages and disadvantages of various routing protocols are discussed to finalise the efficiency of the existing research methods.

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