Radio Analytic Antipodal Mean Number of some graphs

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K. Sivakumar, P. Poomalai, P. Malliga, S. Sangeetha


Let G(V,E) be a graph with p vertices and q edges with vertex set V and edge set E.    let ‘d’ denote the diameter of G and d(u,v) denote the distance between the vertices u and v in G.

P.Poomalai et al was introduced the concept of  radio analytic mean labeling  in 2019.And he also  indicated one more concept  radio analytic mean D-distance number 2020. here we introduce a new labeling graph called Radio Antipodal Analytic mean labeling. An Radio Antipodal Analytic mean labelling of G is a function f that assigns to each vertex a non-negative integer such that f(u) ≠ f(v) if d(u,v) + ⌠f(u)2 – f(v)2 ⌠/2 ≥ d for any two distinct vertices u, v € V(G). The Antipodal Analytic mean number of f denoted by aamn(f) is the maximum number assigned to any vertex of G. The Radio Antipodal Analytic mean number of G, denoted by Aamn(G) is the maximum value of Aamn(f) taken over all Radio Antipodal mean labelling f of G. We prove Pn, Cycle Cn, Star K1,n,Ladder Ln, n-bistar Bn,n and fan f2n+1 are the Radio Antipodal Analytic mean graphs.

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