Automating the Process of Direct Assessment in Technical Education and Improvement in Teaching and Learning Process

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Hasib Shaikh, Arun Kumar


Course outcome assessment can be defined as attainment to check the performance of the student during the study of each course throughout particular semester [3].This paper discusses the technique used for automating the process of Direct Assessment of the course outcomes in Technical Education [1]. It also provides the analysis of the students whose targets are not achieved and provides various ways to improve it. Improvement in teaching & learning process is being done based on assessment of course outcomes of each student [2]. Course Outcomes helps in identifying the knowledge gained by the student for that particular course. Course outcomes can assessed by various teaching methodologies like class room teaching, practical experiments, seminars etc. Each course is designed with specific course outcomes and each course outcome is mapped to the program outcome. There are in total of 12 program outcomes. The attainment of course outcomes is measured by assessing student’s performance using MS Excel software [10].

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