Prediction of Heart Disease Using Bio-Inspired Algorithms

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Pothula Bhoomija, Anumula Jyothi, Puppala Rani, Y. Sireesha


Background: The project work entitled as Prediction of Heart Disease using Bio-Inspired Algorithms, basically, the main objective of this project is a huge number of deaths are occurring not only in India but in the whole world due to heart disease. Heart related diseases or Cardio vascular Diseases has emerged as the most life-threatening disease. So, there is a need of reliable, accurate and feasible system to diagnose such diseases in time for proper treatment. Machine learning algorithms like Genetic, BAT and BEE algorithms have been applied to different medical datasets to automate the analysis complex data. In recent times, we have been using several machine learning techniques to help the health care industry and the professionals in the diagnosis of heart related diseases.

Objectives: In this Prediction of Heart Disease using Bio-Inspired Algorithms, we are going to predict accurately the presence of heart disease with few tests and attributes. Attributes are considered from the primary basis for tests and give accurate results. Many more input attributes can be taken, but our goal is to predict with few attributes and with faster efficiency the risk of having heart disease.

Conclusions: Thus, the system is GUI-based, user-friendly, reliable, scalable and an expandable system. This model can also help in reducing treatment costs by providing the Initial diagnostics in time. General physicians can utilize this tool for initial diagnosis of cardio- patients. It also helps in reducing treatment costs by providing the initial diagnostics in time.

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