Skill Induction Training in Professionalizing People in Front Office Operations at Super Specialty Hospitals - A Case Study

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Anu A Natraj


Front office operations are hospital administration wing and are a vital component of every super-specialty hospital. A well-structured team of front office executives is heart and soul behind its operations. They continuously coordinate between every department of hospitals on daily basis and are responsible for planning to coordinate and oversee the smooth functioning of hospitals. They are the first point of contact for all patients and as such, it is very critical for super-specialty hospitals to groom and provide training continuously to aid to patients' satisfaction levels. Training programs offered by hospitals must be associated with quality service delivery to improve the productivity of people both at the front end and back end which becomes critically essential for the quality of work that they offer. The paper focuses on formulating skill induction training programs for front office staff in super-specialty hospitals. It stresses the importance of why medical Healthcare forces go through regular training programs to comply with accrediting standards of patient safety. The results have enabled us to mark out the knowledge base to fill in followed by soft skills needed to address patients and would facilitate change in the attitude of the staff to cater to the standardized needs of the super specialty hospitals. It will ensure to improve the people who are the face of the hospital known for meeting patient needs.

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