Heat and Mass transfer Flow on Magneto Hydro Dynamic Convective flow through Porous medium between Infinite vertical plate with Soret and Joules dissipation

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B. Lakshamanna, A. Shareef , S. Venkateswarlu


In the present paper, we have deliberated the combined impact of magneto hydro dynamic mixed convective two dimensional flow of viscous fluid which is of electrically conducting and  incompressible through porous medium past between  unbounded  vertical plate taking Soret and Joules dissipations into account The dimensionless  equations are examined  by using perturbation technique.  The impacts of the dimensionless parameters, warmth, velocity and concentration distributions are examined with the aids of graphs .Also the consequences of the pertinent parameters at the skin-friction coefficient and rates of heat and mass transfer in phrases of the Nusselt and Sherwood numbers are computationally discussed. .

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