Utilization of mathematical proficiencies for solving problems in Electrical Engineering Domain

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B. Sridevi, U. Sujatha, Y. Aparna


Usance of mathematical based tools and related functions in various aspects of electrical and electronics engineering applications is prominent by everyone. In this research paper, an effective amount of illustrations pertaining to applying the concepts related to mathematics in electrical engineering domain area have been projected. The motive behind this research work is to correlate the advantages of using mathematical tools  to electrical engineering field of study. Now-a-days, many engineering pursuing students usually think and they are in opinion that, applying mathematics related concepts in electrical engineering field is cumbersome and tedious task. But infact, this paper explains clearly about the importance of utilizing the mathematical background to evaluate and investigate various electrical parameters like current, power, voltage, electrical RL & RC based circuits, concepts pertaining to electro-magnetic fabricating and canvassing circuits. It is very important for every electrical and electronics engineering aspirants to have know-how on mathematical based background in order to solve various engineering related problems and to handle them carefully and skillfully.


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