Reliability Estimation of the Topp-Leone G- Pareto Distribution: Properties and Application

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Kanaan A. A. Al Quraishy, Manalmousa, Shahad Emad


The singular probability distributions that exist are insufficient to model naturally occurring events. Including the exponential distribution and the one-parameter Pareto distribution as a model for modelling real data. Therefore, there was a need to generalize and expand the probability distributions to develop the effectiveness of the distributions by adding one or more new parameters. Therefore, in this paper, we will introduce (Topp Leone G-Pareto distribution (TLG-P)) as a new model with two parameters (β,θ) based on the proposed family (Topp Leone G family).Therefore, the sum of the mathematical properties such as the central and eccentric moments and the moment-generating function. We will used maximum likelihood method. Moreover, the practical application of real data based on the proposed method. We can be employed for showing this distribution better compared to other distributions.

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