IOT Technology Enabled Multi-Purpose Chair to Control the Home/Office Appliance

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Dr M Jahir Pasha, V Sujatha, A Hari Priya, Dr K K Baseer


In everyday life the chair is essential for every individual. In the places like house, office and hospitals, the chair is using for long duration. The proposed system is a IoT technology enabled multi-purpose chair, that can be used in home, office and hospitals by implanting/attaching the health sensors like AD8232-Ecg sensor, BP sensor, LM35 temperature sensor, veneir blood pressure sensor, and weight sensor to the node MCU micro-controller together with the thing speak cloud platform and IFTTT technology. With this the office head can know the duration of the hours of his employee that who is sitting in chair. Similarly the doctors can know the immediate health conditions of the patients. Similarly the person who is sitting on the chair can control the home appliances from on chair itself. In this proposed system will get both the local and global alerts with the help of the buzzers and the SMS. This system will lead to monitor the employees, patients and appliances remotely.

Background: The invention relates to sending the message to the doctors, whenever there patient gets abnormal conditions of their health. The conditions may be Blood Pressure, Sugar level, Fever, Symptoms of Heart Attack; ECG etc. simultaneously by this proposed chair can control the home/office appliance also. This can be used in home, office and hospitals.


  1. To Design and develop the chair that can automatically control the home appliances/office appliances locally and


2.To design and develop the chair that can detect the abnormal condition of the person.

3.To design and develop the chair that can calculate the time of the person sitting on the chair.

4.To send the SMS alert globally to the registered doctors/any others, if the person sitting on the chair is in abnormal


  1. Give the local alert system with the help of alarm within that house or office.

Methods: The proposed system will immediately detect the health condition of the users that who sit on the chair with the help of buzzer and SMS. Similarly the proposed system facilitates the user to control home appliances locally and remotely. It will help the users to get prescribed by the doctor remotely and can control the home appliances by sitting on the chair itself and remotely with the help of a mobile phone.

Conclusions: Accordingly a novel IoT enabled multi-purpose chair will facilitate the users to control the home appliances locally and globally similarly, it detects the abnormal state of the health condition, of the users local and globally and finds the duration of the time that the person sitting on the chair for monitoring purpose.

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