Quadruped Robot Navigation Using ROS

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R. Merlin, S. Ameena


The development of quadruped robot platforms is a relatively active area of scientific resource. Taking into account the intuitiveness and high efficiency of robot development process, the robot development method based on ROS (robot operating system) is adopted. First, the kinematics modeling of the quadruped robot is carried out, and the robot kinematics is solved. Secondly, the basic principles of gait planning for quadruped. Finally, the quadruped robot model file is imported into ROS and the gait planning control program of the quadruped robot is written uses through the user’s API for motion planning simulation. At the same time, RViz can visualize the robot movement process, and obtain other relevant data during the movement process, indicating the correctness of the trajectory planning. The results shot that the development method of quadruped robot based on ROS is feasible. Autonomous quadruped robots require localization and mapping for navigation. Different from mobile robots, quadruped robots need local dense maps with more detailed information for motion planning. We use lidar sensor in this quadruped robot.

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