Domain Specific ANN Heuristic Edge Detection Algorithm for CNN based MRI Classification [DAHEDA]

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A. Bhuvaneshwari, S. Britto Ramesh Kumar


The Artificial Intelligence (AI) edge detection phase is a multi-step technique for detecting edges in any images. The use of machine learning models to explore medical data and reveal insights to assist improve health outcomes and patient situations is known as edge detection in artificial intelligence. The proposed algorithm which is named as “Domain Specific ANN Heuristic Edge Detection algorithm for CNN based MRI Classification” (DAHEDA) is the amalgamation of four intertwined functional algorithms. They are Tabu Search Heuristics Symmetrical Pattern Identifier (ASHSPT), Fuzzy Symmetric Pattern Table Manager (FSPTM), ANN Edge Detection Algorithm Selector (AEDA) and CNN MRI Classifier. These algorithms are interlaced in a way to improve the MRI classification metrics without significant difference in processing speed.

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