An approach to Tourism Industry with Artificially Intelligent System

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Ashima Arya, Mitu Sehgal


The conversational agents or chatbots have become a part of our everyday life and are designed to make our life easier. Recent advancements in natural language processing and artificial intelligence have made them surge past the popularity of social media apps as they can understand and process more information and respond more intelligently. Chatbots have covered most of the consumer and business markets and help these sectors gain huge profits due to customer engagements. In this paper we intend to provide such engaging and interactive services in the tourism industry as well. This is intended to boost the number of tourists every year thus giving a boost to the tourism sector which will further help and improve economic growth too. The voice enabled chatbot has been implemented as a Node.js application backed by a retrieval-based model. The dataset containing information on Indian monuments in a QA format was fed to the system to build intents and answer user queries. The proposed approach attempts to deliver an end-to-end system for tourists, foreign as well as domestic, visiting various monuments. The research process also led to the creation of an unavailable dataset covering almost all monuments of India.

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