HRM practices, employee outcomes, organizational culture and organizational outcomes: A systematic review of empirical research using PRISMA approach

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Sarawut Pathomphatthaphan, Dr. Simanchala Das, Dr. Keytapark Virat


The complexity of the link between HRM practices and organizational outcomes has remained an unexplored area of research.  Further, the intermediary outcome effects of HRM that connects between HRM practices and organisational outcomes is of particular interest amongst the researchers of cross-cultural studies. Thus, the present study aims at systematically reviewing the empirical studies which investigated the link between HRM practices and organizational outcomes. In doing so, the role of mediating factors was also examined. Following the PRISMA procedure, a search of five publication databases (i.e., Science Direct, Emerald, Taylor & Francis, Sage and Wiley online was conducted for the period from 2010 and 2021 which yielded 3314 hits and analysis of content for 23 peer-reviewed articles in the English language were conducted. Based on the nature of the link that was noticed in the selected articles, interesting findings were observed regarding the nature of the practices within the HRM system and their outcomes. Given the relevant context, the present paper identified noteworthy evidence in the research linking HRM practices,  organisational outcomes and organisational culture. Moreover, the presented evidence seeks to further explore the underlying role of HRM interventions. Contribution to understanding the complexity of the relations that exist between HRM practices and organizational outcomes in the one hand and the coordinated research efforts to advance this understanding for developing an international HRM model on the other is called for in this research.

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