Driver Drowsiness Alert System Using Deep Learning

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Dr N Pughazendi, Thyagarajan C, N. Sathish, Yeluri Harish, Venkata Sai Prakash Y, Gattu Ashish, Dr. Rashmita Khilar


Laziness, outlined as a condition of languor once one needs to rest, may result in symptoms that considerably impact action execution, like reduced time interval, occasional want for attentiveness, or microsleeps, to name a couple of examples. In reality, continuous weariness can impair performance at levels that admire those produced by alcohol. once driving, these aspect effects square measure particularly dangerous as a result of they increase the chances of drivers missing road signs or exits, floating into different lanes, or fucking their vehicle into another object, inflicting Associate in Nursing accident. His paper presents a brand new experimental model for detective work driver weariness to reduce accidents caused by this condition and improve transportation safety.

To do this, 2 strategies for detective work a human weariness are used. The driver’s face is first taken followed by eye detection and facial feature extraction, further because of the calculation of blinking values and threshold values. Second, the deep learning model can classify the frames as closed or open eyes by employing a straightforward binary classification technique, and therefore the system can behave appropriately.

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