Sushrut- Diagnosis Made Easy

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Ms..Srividhya Ganesan, Pallavi Yadav, Pooja Sunil Jadhav, Prapti


Given the state of healthcare in our nation, the unavoidable reality is that, although being a fundamental right, it is not always accessible and, even when it is, it is not always of high quality.

According to a poll done by Thomson Reuters in 2011, a large percentage of misdiagnosis occurs in many healthcare institutions, resulting in lasting repercussions and affecting the person's livelihood. Thyroid and Arthritis are two such disorders. While it is believed that 42 million people in India alone suffer from Arthritis, 210 million people worldwide suffer from it in some form or another.

In order to determine whether or not a person has Arthritis and Thyroid, our model use the CNN algorithm. It takes image data from users, feeds it into an algorithm, and decides whether the user has Arthritis. When it comes to thyroid detection, the model analyses thyroid scans to see whether there are any nodules present. And correctly infers whether the individual has an abnormal growth around the thyroid gland.

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