Role of healthcare consumerism in public and private hospitals in India

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Challa Maruthy Subrahmanyam, Dr Sarita Satpath, Dr S. K Satpathy



Hospital service quality is important amidst the raise of healthcare consumerism. It is of prime concern in telemedicine, medical tourism and appointment booking. More over a good hospital service quality enhances the brand image of the hospital by which the hospital is able to attract more patients and in turn lead to increase hospital revenues. Healthcare consumerism offers more choices in healthcare to patients and helps patients to make informed choices. The digital world helps healthcare consumerism by allowing patients to research health issues online, share information and participate in their healthcare decisions. Healthcare information technology is also enhancing the growth of healthcare consumerism for it arranges the platform for information exchange. The two broad categories of hospitals in India are public and private hospitals. They differ in service quality perception of patients, hospital infrastructure and the socio economic profile of the patients. This study aims to arrive at the relationship of hospital service quality and healthcare consumerism in both public and private hospitals.


A structured questionnaire is administered to out-patients for collecting data. Then using exploratory factor analysis the constructs are formed and using regression analysis the relationship is established.


The study concludes that healthcare consumerism has a significant relationship with hospital service quality for both public and private hospitals. The coefficient of regression line equation in public hospital for healthcare consumerism is negative and in private hospital it is positive


The data collection for the study is done in the beginning of COVID 19 pandemic. This study brings out the role of healthcare consumerism on hospital service quality in India. 

Research limitations/implications

This study is limited to out-patients in India. Only regression analysis is used in this study to establish the relationship between healthcare consumerism and healthcare service quality.

Practical implications

Academicians and people in healthcare industry should keep paying attention to rise in healthcare consumerism and its influence on healthcare service quality in public and private hospitals when formulating strategies.

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