Development and sustainability of rest stations for archaeological tourism on the historic Zubaydah Trail (from Kufa to Al Shabaka border city)

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Afrah Abdul hussein Ibrahimand, Assist. Prof. Areej Khairi Uthman AL-Rawi


One cannot say that international concerns about sustainable development are recent. These issues have received international regional and local attention. This research is concerned with sustainable development because of its active and prominent role in the growth of the economies of most countries of the world. It improves the balance of payments and provides additional financial resources to the population. They elements of economic activity and solve the economic problems faced by these countries. It is highly linked to development. In the tourist sense, there are a range of economic, social, environmental, cultural and political development impacts on tourism development. The historic Zubaydah Route may have natural potential capable of developing tourism if it is best used. Therefore, this research aims to reveal the tourism and archaeological potential of Zubaydah Route to motivate official and informal entities to invest them. One of the most important findings of the research is that this route has the presence of natural attractions represented by stations distributed on the Zubaydah Route. However, it suffers from negligence, lack of interest from responsible authorities and lack of future plans to preserve and develop it.

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