Conversion Of Text to Braille and SAPI Based Audio Generation for Visually Impaired Peoples

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Halitha Banu H, Ms. Prabha N


The outwardly hindered structure an essential piece of our general public. Three out of each five handicapped youngsters in the age gathering of 0-9 years, have been accounted for to be outwardly impeded in India. Because of their incapacity, outwardly weakened individuals face challenges in acquiring full benefit of PCs. A picture of the substance in the course reading will be taken and changed over into a Braille script. In 1918, Braille was acknowledged as a normalized material composition for the visually impaired. The principle motivation behind this venture is to plan and foster a Braille System and result gadgets for the outwardly disabled people that empower them to cooperate and impart. This review proposes a calculation which empowers the client to change over the text that regularly have in our everyday utilization into a Braille Script and hence work with the outwardly weakened. The Product that has been made is a natural and shortsighted plan that will empower the end client to serenely peruse.

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