Experimental Investigation on Speed and Torque Analysis of Planetary Gearing System

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Dadaso D Mohite, Neel R Patil, Siddhikesh B Shinde, Dr. KA Rade


Gear is rotating circular toothed element which transmits the torque and speed to another toothed element, when it meshed with each other. Gear trains are widely designed to transmit torque and angular velocity between different shafts when there is a significant space reduction within a restricted area. The needed speed ratio and the location of the shaft axes suggest the type of gear train employed. In this research paper, efforts are taken for speed and torque analysis of epicyclical or planetary gear train. The average gear ratio 5.72 is obtained for various input speed of motor. Also, input torque, output torque and holding torque is determined by experimentation by employing rope brake dynamometer. Further, the analytical and experimental torque findings were compared, which showed the error less than 15%, as a result of certain mechanical and frictional losses.

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