CSI-SAFE Software Based Investigation of Effect on Deflection and Moment for Flat Slab with Different Opening Shapes and Positions

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Jaicky Gurnani, Dr. Prabhakar Charpe


The flat slab system has numerous benefits, and it is generally used in many several types of buildings, like shopping malls, hospitals, and offices. Buildings consisting of flat slabs must satisfy the requirements for connection to utilities, such as air conditioning or gas pipes lines. An opening in a structure causes an interruption in the natural load path. As a result, an imbalanced shear force and deflection will occur. When the opening is introduced, it will increase the effect of critical forces such as punching shears, deflections, and moments. This research carried out represents the numerical analysis and it was checked whether different shapes of openings and varying opening locations have an impact on the deflection and bending moment behaviour of flat slabs. The numerical analysis in this paper includes A and B Groups, and in addition, it is divided into three parts: without opening, square opening, and circular opening. Openings are placed parallel to a column’s face. The size of openings considered in this study are 0.50 m x 0.50 m for a square opening, and 0.5642 m diameter for a circular opening. In order to conduct comprehensive parametric study, finite element analysis has been performed by using CSI-SAFE v16 based on IS 456:2000. The purpose of this investigation is to understand the behaviour of flat slabs with different opening shapes and with different opening positions from the column face. Based on the analysis, the study proposes various conclusions and recommendations.

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