Enhancing Segmentation Approaches from Fuzzy-MPSO Based Liver Tumor Segmentation to Gaussian Mixture Model and Expected Maximization

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Christo Ananth, Dr. M. Kameswari, Densy John Vadakkan, Dr. Niha K.


Liver tumor division in restorative pictures has been generally considered as of late, of which the Level set models show an uncommon potential with the advantage of overall optima and functional effectiveness. The Gaussian mixture model (GMM) and Expected Maximization for liver tumor division are introduced. In the early liver division process Level set models are utilized. This proposed strategy uses Gaussian blend models to demonstrate the portioned liver image, and it transforms the division issue into the most significant probability parameter estimation through the use of Expected Maximisation (EM) calculations. The proposed methodology outperformed existing techniques by a significant margin, according to the results of our comparison.

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