Energy meter monitoring system using IoT

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Sk. Mohammad Shahid , S. Venkata Akhil , Uma Maheswara Rao. M


We can monitor the energy consumption of the energy meter using the Blynk application through our smartphone. In addition, Battery was used as a backup power supply, and as an optional feature, we can receive notification if there was an overconsumption of energy. This cutting-edge technology, in conjunction with the Internet of Things (IoT), can also be used to apply Artificial Intelligence (AI) to a manual system. Adaption of an automatic system such as a smart energy meter that helps to manage energy efficiently as a new impression. This system uses ESP3266 as a microcontroller within a built Wi-Fi module to communicate with an IOT platform like the Blynk application. This sample design uses a smartphone application interface with Blynk to track daily, weekly, and monthly energy consumption and deliver notifications to the smartphone, promoting energy conservation.

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