Distribution Network Automation Considering Hidden Failure and Components Aging

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Umesh Agarwal, Naveen Jain, Manoj Kumawat


In the past decade, automated distribution network has governed importance as traditional distribution networks are not enough smart to satisfy the growing demand for reliable power supply. Being the less reliable and the only link between the utility and consumers, it is much urgent to enhance the distribution network reliability. The Remote-Controlled Switch (RCS) can be a good option to enhance the system reliability. It reduces the interruption duration, which intern will reduce the Energy not served and Expected cost of Interruption. This paper extends the present reliability assessment procedure to incorporate the RCS in distribution network using Greedy Search Algorithm. The optimal location and numbers of RCS has been evaluated with compromised cost. The effect of aging on equipment’s failure rate and hidden failure rate of fuse are incorporated simultaneously in this article. The effectiveness of the proposed approach has been tested on distribution network connected at Bus-2 and Bus-5 of Roy Billionton Test System (RBTS). The results obtained show that optimally deployed RCS results in significant improvement of reliability indices for radial distribution network.  

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