Challenges of Online Learning and Some Recommendations for University Students in Vietnam

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Nguyen Trung Dung


The 4.0 technology revolution has been affecting most aspects of our lives on the basis of information and communication technology and education is also affected by it. Especially during the current pandemic, most of everything seems to be stalled and students at universities, especially students in Ho Chi Minh City, cannot focus on studying directly in the classroom as always. Therefore, online learning plays a very important role as well as is a temporary solution for this difficult period. Although online learning has been making a significant contribution to the transmission and transfer of knowledge, there are still challenges that those students cannot avoid. In order to improve understanding as well as provide appropriate solutions when studying online, this article will delve into the analysis and survey of students' difficulties as well as reference and give solutions. The article was completed based on the results of a survey and interviews from students in Ho Chi Minh City. The survey results show that although there are still many inadequacies, some suitable solutions will be provided based on the opinions of university students in order that it will help to make online teaching and learning more effective.

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