Alive Human Detector in War Fields, Using IR Sensor and Live Video Streaming

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S. Kruthika, V. Lithika, Nivedha Parthasarathi, G. Nivedhitha


Wars have been a part of human history for thousands of years and involve physical force, violence and the use of weapons, which may lead to human life being threatened. The motive of enforcing this project is to achieve a human detection robot that is used for the detection of humans during a time of war. The rescue robot is capable of detecting humans from afar by using Infrared sensor and PIR Sensor. In this paper, an android application is used to monitor the robot’s motion. An ESP32 camera is attached to the module for the night vision and live video streaming is connected to the mobile app. GPS is used to use to track the live location. Our project portrays an accuracy of 93% respectively in comparison with the other existing robots.

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