The Commercialisation of the Contemporary Music Industry - A Study based on the Markets’ Prospects and Problems

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Abraham Samuel george, Dr. Rajesh Sharma


Music has the ability to cure wounds that medicine cannot, to explain what words cannot, and to soothe the souls of all people." It's tough to think what our life would be like if we didn't have music. For the vast majority of people, it is impossible to envisage a world without all of the amazing songs and musical masterpieces. Music is vital to the life of some people. Music is a permanent companion who is with you throughout your life, in both happy and terrible times. As a result, as makers of such works of art, musicians and composers play a significant role in our daily lives. A musician invests his whole heart and soul into his work. Each such invention, from words to song tunes, needs his or her cerebral labour. This paper provides a concept of music industry and its problems. It begins with an outline of the music industry, contemporary music industry, its characteristics and making tradition contemporary. It then provides a comprehensive overview of the colonial rule and commercialization with a focus on the role of radio, media and technology in commercialization. The overall music industry have been analyzed, including Structure of the Indian Music Industry, Size And Growth, India's Digital Revolution By The Numbers In Music industry, Indian Music Industry Analysis: The Streaming Market's Prospects And Problems of contemporary musical industry, local streaming services vs. International heavyweights are asses through graphs further 5 Ways Music Industry Players Can Look at Commercialization will also be discussed.

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