Seismic Wave Propagation at Plane Interface of Two Micropolar Mediums

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Priyadarshan, Ravinder Kumar, Pawan Kumar


The objective of this paper is to study the refraction and reflection of longitudinal (LD) waves at plane interface between micropolar elastic solid (MES) and electro-microelastic solid (EMS) half-spaces. A LD wave is taken to be impinge obliquely at the plane interface between MES and EMS half spaces. The ratios of amplitude of different type of refracted and reflected waves have been obtained numerically and results have been depicted graphically with the help of MATLAB Graphical routines. This has been observed that the mentioned amplitude ratios depend on the material properties and angle of incidence of incident waves. Also few particular cases have been discussed and then obtained result is compared with the exist ones. This study is very useful for the researchers pursing the research in the field of wave propagation and solid mechanics.

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