Estimation of the Reliability Function for type II Control Data Subject to Mixed Distribution (Topp-Leone-Exponential-Weibull) by Using the Moment Method

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Shorouk Abdulredha Saeed, Dr. Abdul Amir Taima Bandar


The development that science is witnessing in the current era and the advanced ages of the last century in all applied fields, the most important of which is the development of machinery technology, makes research and development required in the fields opposed to it. And drawing economic policies through it. The main idea in this research is to estimate the dependency function of the new probability distribution through the generating function of the distributions. (Topp - Leone)As we combine the exponential distribution with the Whipple distribution and put the result of them in the generated function and find the properties of the resulting distributionAs for the practical side, real data from the Ministry of Health - DhiQar Health Department about nebulizer devices were used. The distribution data and the dependency function were estimated by the method of moments. The study concluded that the proposed distribution achieved more flexible results in the applied data.

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