Natural Convection on Pleural Fluid Flow with Applied Magnetic Field over Covid -19

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Usha G, Dr. S. Senthamil Selvi, Padmavathi Thiyagarajan


Massive droplet transmission is primarily responsible for the COVID-19 pandemic consequences, which are the most serious. Pleural effusion is a primary symptom of coronavirus illness. Direct contact with infected people can result in droplet transmission of the COVID-19 virus, as can indirectly contact nearby surfaces or things used on the infected person. The physics of the pleural fluid deformation in the lung on free convection is described in the current paper. A pleural effusion happens when fluid accumulates between the lung and the chest wall. With excess fluid, the lung's surrounding tissue could become irritated. There are numerous causes for this, including pneumonia. Graphical representations of the various velocity, temperature, and concentration profiles are produced by varying the non-dimensional parameters of the fluid.

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